R&D Project 2:
A thin fast hybrid pixel detector system for tracking in high particle densities

Research Objective

In detector regions with very high track densities the unambiguous two-dimensional coordinate measurement capabilities of pixel detectors will be required. However, current hybrid pixel detector technologies are too massive. In this R&D task we will address the design and realization of an advanced light-weight hybrid pixel system optimized for the conditions in hadron physics experiments. The focus is on developing very-low power front-end electronics with high-resolution position, energy loss and timing measurements, and on achieving a minimum system thickness with thinned readout chips connected with advanced bump-bonding or frontier 3D-integration techniques to very thin epitaxial pixel detectors.


INFN Torino (A. Rivetti, activity leader), FZJ Jülich (T. Stockmanns)


Task Nr. Task name Participants
P2/T1 Design & fabrication of very low-power front-end circuits INFN
P2/T8 Evaluation of a thin hybrid pixel module demonstrator INFN, FZJ
P2/T2 Electrical characterization of thin front-end prototypes INFN, FZJ
P2/T3 Production and test of epitaxial sensors INFN, FZJ
P2/T4 Bumb-bonding of prototype chips to sensors INFN, FZJ
P2/T5 Design, fabrication and basic test of the final chip prototype INFN, FZJ
P2/T6 Comprehensive test of the final chip prototype INFN, FZJ
P2/T7 Bump bonding/3D assembly of final chips on epi sensors INFN


Tasks 2009 2010 2011
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Demonstrator thin hybrid pixel module X X X X X X X X X 4    
Design, fabrication, test of chips X X X X X 1            
Production & test of epi sensors X X X X X 2            
Assembly of chips and epi sensors X X X X X X X 3        

  1. Production of front-end chips prototype
  2. Production of epitaxial sensors prototype
  3. Assembly of front-end chips with epitaxial sensor
  4. Evalutaion of a thin hybrid pixel module


Demonstrator of a thin hybrid pixel detector module.

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