R&D Project 1:
An innovative thin microstrip tracking detector system for large-area coverage

Research Objective

Silicon microstrip detectors are ideally suited for low-mass tracking applications as the sensors themselves are thin and passive. In large state-of-the-art tracking systems, however, the material budget from the readout electronics, traditionally attached directly to the microstrip detectors, reduces significantly the advantages of the thin sensors. The goal of this R&D task is to develop the demonstrator of a novel ultra-low-mass microstrip detector module that can be used to build up a light-weight planar tracking station of up to about 1m2 size. We focus on exploring frontier ultra-low-mass Aluminum-Kapton flat-cable technology to route on a very light mechanical support the signals of existing, thin microstrip detectors to fast readout electronics located at the periphery of the module, thus avoiding excessive material budget in the active detector area.


GSI Darmstadt (J. Heuser, activity leader), SE SRTIIE Kharkov (V. Borshchov), INR Kiev (V. Pugatch), UBO Bonn (K.-T. Brinkmann)


Task Nr. Task name Participants
P1/T1 Design of a thin detector system GSI
P1/T10 Evaluation of a module demonstrator GSI, INR, UBO
P1/T2 R&D on mechanical support GSI
P1/T3 Production of support, evaluation of thermal stability GSI, INR
P1/T4 Ultra-thin readout cable: Electrical simulations, design GSI, SE SRTIIE
P1/T5 R&D on fine-pitch cables and tab-bonding GSI, SE SRTIIE
P1/T6 Production of ultra-thin cables cables GSI, SE SRTIIE
P1/T7 Preparation of detectors and interface electronics GSI, UBO
P1/T8 Electrical connections detectors-cables-front-end board GSI, SE SRTIIE
P1/T9 Mechanical assembly, cooling system, cabling GSI, INR


Tasks 2009 2010 2011
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Demonstrator low-mass tracking system X X X X X X X X X 4    
Production of a low-mass support structure X X X X X 1            
Production of ultra-thin microstrip readout cables X X X X X 2            
Assembly of a demonstrator module X X X X X X X 3        

  1. Production of low-mass support structure
  2. Production of ultra-thin microstrip read-out cables
  3. Assembly of a demonstrator module
  4. Evaluation of a module demonstrator


Demonstrator of an innovative low-mass microstrip tracking system.

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